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Teaching and Communication Philosophy

Reach every type of learner.

I break down abstract, multi-faceted concepts into simple, easy-to-follow steps.  Effectual communication goes beyond artful dialogue.  Learners develop a self-awareness when they recognize there are different levels of understanding, such as the difference between following someone’s logic and reproducing ideas from scratch.  Effective methods evolve with the audience and encourage dynamic thinking.  Varying styles and combinations of brain stimulation maximize understanding and retention.


I never give up on learners even if they have given up on themselves.  My optimism and desire to see others succeed provide the foundation students lean on.  I recognize improvement and call it forth.  In trying times, there is always a remedy, and I have a toolbox of strategies.  Instead of treating the symptoms (which is usually faster), I take the time to find the solution by genuinely understanding the cause of the problem.



Build a support team.

I collaborate with other professionals which serve as an advisory board.  All parties communicate effectively and stay informed.  When the lines of communication are open, asking for help or feedback is easy.  Even in the absence of dialogue, an audience benefits by knowing they have a support team. 



Learning is exciting.  

We learn best when we do not know we are learning.  Some of the best methods connect new ideas to everyday examples and stimulate the imagination.  Additionally, implementing the latest research and technology keeps learning exciting by using tools that learners may already enjoy on their own time (such as video games).



Create a positive learning environment.  

I communicate effectively to emphasize both understanding and retention in order to enhance learning, observing, organizing of ideas, applying knowledge and imagination.  No two conveyances are exactly the same.  As a scientist, I collect and analyze data to provide the most appropriate methods that reach the personality of the audience.  Using day-to-day feedback as data, I continually refine my techniques as the audience evolves.

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