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Online Services

*International Students, please view the International tab 

Academic Tutoring

*Academic Study Plan

*Entrance Exam Preparation 


*Writing (Research Papers, Technical, Laboratory Reports, Journal Entries, College Application Essays, Scholarship Essays, Timed Writings)


*Speed Reading (for Timed Exams and Professionals)


Academic Counseling

Recommended for parents and/or students in the 3rd grade or higher.


Be informed and know what your options are:


* Skipping a Grade


* Taking SAT or ACT in the 7th Grade


* Honors, Advanced Placement & Dual Credit


* Earn College Credit while in High School (saves much $$)


* Summer Study Programs at Ivy Leauge Universities (for high school students)


* Study Abroad * Hosting an Exchange Student


* Campus Visits and selecting a university


* How to prepare and when to start preparing for SAT or ACT


* How to interpret Benchmark Exam Reports; use this information to fill in the knowledge gaps


* Building a powerful transcript, application, and resume: know what universities want, and start building a profile long before applications are due

Click on "Book Online" to schedule a session with Erin, or contact Erin by phone, email, or text.

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