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How-to Videos

SAT: YouTube

Link to Practice Tests:

SAT for Free with YouTube: How to create your own SAT study plan using instructional YouTube videos and a comprehensive SAT study list from Khan Academy

SAT: Khan A

SAT for FREE with Khan Academy: Get a high quality and comprehensive SAT study program for free online with Khan Academy.​

SAT practice tests
SAT: when to start prep

SAT: When to start preparing

SAT eBook stress-free

eBook:  STRESS-FREE SAT on a SHOESTRING BUDGET...How to Get a Perfect Score Cheaply and without Sweating it    What are the best resources?  When to start preparing?  How to prepare?  Get all of you SAT prep questions answered.

7th grade testing

Take the SAT or ACT in the 7th Grade

Duke TIP

Prep for elementary

SAT / ACT Prep for Elementary Students:

What 3rd -7th Graders Can Do to Prepare

ACT preps tests

FREE ACT Tests and Preps:  Where to find and how to find these preps

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