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Get the latest SAT study guide with 8 practice tests and answer keys.  The College Board wrote the SAT; get SAT prep advice straight from the test authors.  The 8 practice tests are actual SAT practice tests that come only from the College Board.  This book is a must for all SAT preparation.  This book also can aid in an SAT self-study using YouTube because it lists every concept on the test (guides your YouTube search).


Inside you will find...

*Table of Contents itemizing each section on the test (Reading, Writing, Math)

*Important testing information

*Strategies for each section with example problems

*How you can use the Khan Academy website to compliment your study in a particular topic

*8 Real SATs with answer keys and explanations

The College Board's Official SAT Study Guide

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  • Paperback


    The latest College Board Official SAT Study Guide

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