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Updated: Mar 2, 2018

Some parents encourage their students to skip a grade in school in order to get ahead. This decision is strictly between the child and parents and within the recommendation of a guidance counselor.

Generally, the best grade to skip is the 6th grade for two reasons. First, 6th grade is mainly repeating the same content in the 5th grade. Second, 6th grade is well before high school (or high school level courses). State level benchmark exams and grades are 2 major factors in determining eligibility in skipping the 6th grade.

Talk with your school counselor about possibly skipping the 6th grade. Parents start planning in the 3rd or 4th grades.

If you student consistently makes very high scores in all subjects in all grades preceding the 6th grade, then he or she could be a candidate. An assessment is usually administered towards the end of the 5th grade to verify your child qualifies for skipping the 6th grade. Talk with your guidance counselor to see if this is a possibility for your student.

If you want to ensure that your child skips the 6th grade, then make sure that performance is in order for the Benchmark exams that start in the 3rd grade. See the video about what elementary students can do to prepare.

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