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Ask Your School Counselor

Updated: Mar 2, 2018

There are many great resources that parents and students never find

out about because they don't ask.

Ask about College Admissions Preparations & Counseling:


There may be additional test preparations available beyond the typically required SAT or ACT taken during school. Many schools offer a semester long SAT preparation course and are given course credit for it.


In addition to the teacher-provided tutoring, some clubs offer peer-to-peer tutoring. Ask your counselor what all the tutoring options are. Pay attention to national organizations, such as National Honor Society (NHS) or National Charity League (NCL), which have been known to provide free tutoring.


Ask your counselor if there is a day where students are encouraged to visit universities or if there is an event where universities come to your school. If you go to a small school, then call the counselor of a large high school near you.

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