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Academic Consulting

International Students - Do you want to study in the United States?

University Selection

  • Location:  City & State

  • Best match for career goals and personal needs​

  • Applications

  • Standardized Testing (SAT, ACT, GRE, TOEFL)

  • Transcripts

  • Documentation (resume, letters of recommendation)

  • Interviews

  • Study Visas

  • Essays


Housing & Culture
  • Dormitories

  • Apartments or Houses for rent

  • Transportation

  • Finding Medical Care

  • Banking & Insurance

  • Understanding Laws & Culture

Advisor by your side 
  • Have an unexpected issue?  

  • Want to travel and explore nearby?

  • Have a question?

  • An advisor is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day


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Academic Counseling Services for Students Wanting to Study in the United States:


  • School Selection:  Create and/or filter list of schools based on best fit and desired outcome

  • College Visits:  Prepare for college visits with effective evaluation tools to help you accurately select best fit

  • Interview Preparation:  Prepare for winning college interviews

  • Academic Study Plan:  Design a realistic study schedule for academics and testing preparations

  • Get Involved:  Select extracurricular activities that build gain desirable experience and build the resume that schools and employers seek

  • Resume:  Craft or enhance resume and cover letter that concisely and clearly features the exact information that universities and employers seek 

  • Essays:  Cover the complete cycle of outlining, composing, and finalizing personal essays that gain admittance, employment, scholarships, and grants.

  • Responding to Admissions:  Coach best responses for waitlist and deferral admission offers.

  • Housing:  Coach through the list of housing option for best fit

    • Regional Location, State, City, Neighborhood 

    • Transportation

    • Getting involved in community

  • Host Family Opportunities:  Advise international students on host family organizations and opportunities.

  • Liaison: who and where to go for what.

  • Student Visa:  Coach through the student visa application process for fastest results

  • Exam Selection & Preparation:  Coach students which exam to take and how to earn the desired score

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