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How to Write an Essay

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A New 5 - Step Method Guaranteed to Make your Essay Writing Better for: •School •SAT's •Work •Research •DBQ’s Eliminate the struggles and "brain freeze" of essay writing! INTRODUCTION • How to start an essay • Hook Sentence BODY 1 • How to start paragraphs • Intro (Topic Sentence) • Relatable Examples BODY 2 • Introductory (topic) sentence • examples that everyone can relate to, details, evidence • Conclusion sentence BODY 3 • How to start an argumentative essay • Introductory sentence • Opponent arguments • Clarify weaknesses CONCLUSION Writing the perfect conclusion sentence • Summarize • Restate paragraph How to write an essay conclusion • Creating a winning ending • How to start a conclusion paragraph • Restate Thesis • Finish broadly with a relatable statement MORE (Included with your course!) How to write an informative essay How to write an introduction for a research paper How to write a narrative essay How to make an essay longer How to write an APA format 19 EXPERT LESSONS • Go at your own pace • Includes quick reference guides GUARANTEED - Receive a full refund if you're not writing better essays after finishing my course!

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