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Erin Cockrell

Motivated and accomplished Entrepreneur, Manager and Educational Consultant with 13+ years of experience, leveraging a solid and progressive career developing and managing an educational business. Expertise in designing comprehensive educational programs covering a broad range of academic subjects that guarantee results where other institutions fail.


> Skilled in management and supervision, inspired a team of up to 7 instructors to exceed all standards by teaching creatively and providing the highest quality lessons.

> Adept at training, coaching and educating high school/ university/ adult learners through individual or group instruction: effectively intensify skill sets and knowledge in the shortest amount of time by applying techniques customized to the individual/group.

> Consult students from 7 school districts, 20 private schools and 14 colleges and universities in the Greater Houston Area: students who exhausted all other institutions get satisfying results with my instruction.

> Excellent presentations that deliver engaging lessons to varying audiences and simplify abstract concepts that amaze even the most adept learners.

> Exceptional business acumen, grow revenue and increase profits through resource management, reputable instruction and relationship building.

> Data & Results Driven: apply technical skills and scientific processes that achieve results in the shortest time for business & client progress



Educational Consulting and Tutoring – Houston, TX & Online (2003 – current) 

Founder/Education Manager

  • Technical Writing:  College Admissions Essays, Scientific Laboratory Reports, Scholarship Essays, Research Papers, Benchmark Tests, Research Journal Entries

  • Business developer – created education business from the ground up

  • Manager – Office Administration, Recruiting, Staff Development (7-part time educators)

  • Networker - 7 School Districts, 20 Private Schools & 14 Colleges; up to 100+ students/week

  • Marketer – electronic & print media, website management

  • Motivator - staff performance, morale, create positive working space

  • Program designer - training programs, assessments, curriculum, benchmarks

  • Results Driven – researching/technical skills, research v. demand analytics

  • Tech-savvy - MS Office Suite, Access, Project, Adobe, Macs, PCs, Information Systems, etc.

  • Academic - Math, Science, Writing, Spanish, Testing, College Admissions, Testing, Study Skills


USMLE World/ UWorld – Irving, TX (2016 - 2017)

Author/Instructional Designer/Curriculum Developer - SAT/ACT

  • Reading & Writing Content Writer/Author – write essays, questions,  answers & problem descriptions

  • Editing - review, edit, proofread work of other authors for accuracy & quality

  • e-Learning - design/format online lessons for computer, tablet & smart phone


El Paso / Kinder Morgan (Oil & Gas) – Houston, TX, (2001 - 2003)

Chemical Expert & Reserves Evaluator

  • Business analytics & reporting - Economics, forecasts, net reserves, future capital, expense, BFIT cash flow, gain vs. cost, reported to management

  • Compliance - Regulatory compliance with SEC & EIA

  • Enhanced marketability of reserves with sales packages


Exercise Instructor – communication, teaching, presentation & motivational skills

Texas A&M University – College Station, TX

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, 2001

  • Undergraduate Research Biochemist (Cholesterol Research)

  • Minors: Biology & Spanish (189 credit hours)

  • Arts Summer School:  Harvard University, 1995, Study Abroad:  Spain, France




Typical Session ~ We cover homework, quizzes, tests, test corrections, notes, questions, concepts, textbook, lectures and projects in one or more academic subjects.  Every session is customized to meet the needs at hand.


Tutoring & Advising

Academic Tutoring – Understanding concepts to master assignments (homework, quizzes, tests, reviews)

Study Skills – How to study for a particular class, maximizing available resources

Speed Reading – Increases reading speed & comprehension

Resume – Create or edit resume for college, job, and career

Grade & Transcript Review – Review of grades, transcripts, diploma plan & extra-curricular activities to make the best choices in classes and activities for university acceptance

College Entrance Essays – Write clear, informative essay with smooth transition and entirely on topic

College & Career Search – Choosing a college, major or career

College Application – Filling out application effectively

College Visitation – Visiting college campus with checklist of considerations

Summer Academic Retention, Enrichment & Preparation

Standardized Test Prep Program  


Education ~ Texas A&M in 2001 (Honors) BS-Chemistry, 2 minors- Biology & Spanish, Emphasis- Mathematics & Arts credit from Harvard University. 


Experience ~ I opened Acadmeic Advancement  counseling & tutoring in 2003.  Students range from elementary - university level and adults.  I specialize in math, science, Spanish, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, College acceptance/preparation & writing.  I teach private and small group classes and advise students with college essays, application, curriculum, university choice, degree choice and academic questions.  I have 2 years corporation experience with El Paso Production in the Reserves Evaluation department (Reserves Analyst) and Onshore Construction (Chemical Specialist). I know how to advise high school and college students making important decisions about their educations and careers.  I became an educational consultant because I understand the tremendous pressures of academics, testing and the competition to get admitted into the university of choice.


  • Instead of specializing in 1 or 2 subject areas (like many teachers), I specialize in many areas: math, science, test preparations, college admissions.  I see how the foundation for one course paves the path for the next.  There’s a little bit of physics in calculus, and there’s a little bit of biology in chemistry.  Course material overlaps.  I know what material and concepts the students will see again as they progress to the next level.


  • I use simple everyday examples to explain difficult concepts.  Students can use what they already know to help them understand challenging scientific or mathematical concepts.  I help them see the math and science in everyday life.  I also show them the importance of being able to communicate what one knows through writing skills.


  • My goal is to make sure students learn more than just how to work the current assignment, but how to take very complex problems and make them simple by breaking them down into small steps.  My students learn problem solving skills and how to express their ideas in an orderly, step-by-step fashion.  My students gain confidence and let go of their anxiety as they see that every problem can be broken down.

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